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DOSIMETRIC SERVICE - system of the organization of control of the level of the ionizing radiation (IR) in institutions and a pas the enterprises connected with use of AI for the prevention of harmful effects of its influence.

Of page provides control of protection against radiation (see. Radiation control ) and dosimetric justification radiation therapy (see) by forces of the trained personnel of special divisions of the enterprises and institutions.

The organization of work of divisions of D. of page and methods of the solution of the specified tasks are various.

At the enterprises of the atomic industry, nuclear power plants and in all institutions, including medical, applying ionizing radiation with to lay down. or other purposes, D. the page exercises control of impact of ionizing radiation on personnel. The organization D. of page is regulated by the state normative documents. The provision on work of dosimetric service is approved by administration of establishment in coordination with local bodies a dignity. - epid, services.

Of page, providing performing radiation therapy (service a wedge, dosimetry), is a part of radio-gramophones, departments. Its main objective is dosimetric justification of ways of beam treatment, and also its physics and technology and metrol. providing.

Of page, providing unity of dosimetry of ionizing radiation in the USSR M3 system, consists of the testing and dosimetric laboratories organized at radio-gramophones, and onkol, in-ta. Ensuring unity and increase in accuracy of dosimetry is carried out by checking of model dosimeters and sources of radiation with the state standards which are stored in institutions of Gosstandart of the USSR.

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