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DONOVAN Charlz (Donovan Charles, 1863 — 1951) — the Irish bacteriologist, the parasitologist, the entomologist, the doctor of medicine (1889).

In 1885 graduated from natural department Dublin un-that, and then medical f-t un-that in Ireland. From 1891 to 1920 the health officer, then professor of physiology in medical college and at the same time the doctor of hospital (Madras, India).

Ch. Donovan published 9 scientific works devoted to clinic and epidemiology of a visceral leushmaniosis in India. In 1903 he found in smears from a spleen of the person who died of a visceral leushmaniosis (see. Leyshmanioza ;), a parasite like Protozoa identical to the parasite described for several weeks before by the English doctor U. Leyshman. Same year the English parasitologist R. Ross called a parasite in honor of these authors of Leishmania donovani. The parasite of the sort Leishmania at a skin leushmaniosis was for the first time described in 1898 by the Russian medical officer P. F. Bohr.

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