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DOMINICH METHODS (M of Dominici, the fr. doctor, 1867 — 1919) — the ways of coloring and fixing applied in the histologic equipment it is preferential for survey, and also special researches, in particular the hemopoietic bodies and mast cells.

Dominich coloring. Cuts paint mix 0,5 g of eosine, 0,6 g of an oranzh and the dist, waters (to 100 ml) within 20 — 30 min. Romeys (V. of Romeis) recommends for increase in contrast of the painted objects for 100 ml of mix to add 1 drop ice acetic to - you. The painted cuts rinse in 60% alcohol, paint 0,5% toluidine blue and differentiate in 96% alcohol.

Dehydrate in 100% alcohol, clarify in a xylol and conclude in Canada balsam. The best results are yielded by D. m in B. V. Kedrovsky's modification: add 0,5 — 1 ml of 1% to 15 ml of the solution of eosine boiling 0,6% phosphatomolybdic to - you and allow to cool down then add 15 ml of 1,2% of an oranzh. Cuts paint this mix, rinse Vod, paint 1% toluidine blue and differentiate in 70% and 96% alcohols. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol, clarify in a xylol and conclude in Canada balsam. Good results turn out after fixing of fabrics the mixes containing corrosive sublimate (liquid of Dominichi, Tsenker), picric to - that (Buen's liquid) and formalin.

Dominich fixing. 20 h the concentrated water solution of corrosive sublimate mix from 2 h tincture of iodine, filter and add to a filtrate of 2 h formalin. Time of fixing of 1 hour

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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V. V. Yaglov.