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DOGELYA METHOD ( A.S. Dogel , the domestic histologist, 1852 — 1922) — a way of supravital coloring by solutions methylene blue nervous cells and fibers at invertebrates and vertebrate animals; it is applied generally in histology. It is offered in 1902.

A.S. Dogel. For identification of elements of nervous tissue use various ways of introduction methylene blue in small concentration (0,25 — 0,15%) in a blood channel, in a perigastrium or bodies, under skin or in connecting fabric, and also immersion of pieces or the whole body in dye. After coloring objects fix 24 hours in 5 — 8% solution of ammonium molybdate, wash out in water, dehydrate in absolute alcohol, clarify in a xylol and conclude in neutral Canada balsam. There is a number of modifications of a method of Dogel (Vorobyov, Leontovich, Torskaya, Shabadash, etc.). In pathology D.'s use is limited to m since it gives the pictures reminding disintegration of nerve fibrils.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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