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DISTRICT DOCTOR — the doctor the specialist rendering to lay down. - professional, the help to the population by the territorial principle — inhabitants of city and rural medical sites or workers and employees of the industrial enterprise (by the shop principle). By the local principle doctors work: therapist, pediatrician, phthisiatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist and psychiatrist.

Tasks of the local therapist of policlinic of a municipal hospital, city policlinic (independent) and local pediatrician of children's city policlinic include rendering the qualified help to the population of the site as in policlinic, and at home, medical examination of certain contingents of the healthy population and patients with nek-ry diseases, the organization and holding the preventive actions among the population of the site directed to decrease in incidence and mortality. The tuberculotherapists, obstetricians-gynecologists and psychiatrists working also by the local principle have similar duties. The district doctor works under the direction of the manager. department of policlinic, clinic for women, chief physician of MSCh or clinic. More detailed duties of doctors of city and rural sites, and also shop doctors are described in articles Medical site (see), Rural medical site (see), Shop medical site (see).

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