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DIPIRIDAMOLUM (Dipyridamolum; synonym: curantyl, Persantinum, Agacore, Apricor, Cardioflux, Coribon, Corosan, Coroxin, Dilcor, Novodil, Padicor, Permazin, RA-8, Stenocardil, Stenopir, Stimolcardio, Trancocard etc., joint venture. B) — anti-anginal means. 2,6 Bis [an encore - a beta hydroxyethyl) - amine] - 4,8-di-N-piperidino-пиримидо (5,4-d) a pyrimidine:

— yellow crystal powder of bitter taste. Almost we will not dissolve in water and ether, we will dissolve in 95% alcohol, chloroform.

Expands coronary vessels, significantly without reducing resistance of peripheral. Increase in coronary circulation under the influence of drug is followed by increase in tension of oxygen in a myocardium without significant increase in absorption by his heart. Strengthens total coronary circulation and for the second time increases intensity of microblood circulation in a cardiac muscle. Drug promotes also improvement of collateral coronary circulation, increasing tension of oxygen around an ischemic zone of a myocardium. Coronarodilator action of D. is based on its ability to release adenosine in a cardiac muscle as a result of braking of activity adenosinediaminelements, and also caused by its direct influence on coronary vessels. Oppresses aggregation of thrombocytes. Drug is quickly soaked up in went. - kish. path. Its action continues during the 3rd hour.

Apply Of hl. obr. at hron, coronary insufficiency, and also for prevention of thromboembolic disturbances (e.g., after surgeries). Appoint inside 0,025 — 0.05 g 2 — 3 times a day; in heavy, cases — on 0.075 g 3 times a day. Accept on an empty stomach (in 0,5 — 1 hour prior to food). Course of treatment of 3 — 4 weeks. At attacks of stenocardia of D. sometimes enter intravenously (slowly) or intramusculary (2 — 4 ml of 0,5% of solution). It is not necessary to enter D. in one syringe with other drugs (the deposit drops out).

Is usually well transferred by patients. Increase of serdtsebiyeniye, in some cases allergic reactions (skin rashes) is sometimes noted. At hit under skin drug can cause irritation of fabrics.

Forms of release: tablets (dragee) on 0,025 and 0,075 g and 0,5% solution in ampoules on 2 ml.

See also Anti-anginal means , Antispasmodics .

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