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DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE (Dimethylsulfoxydum; synonym: DMSO, Dolicur, Dromisol, Gamasol-90, Hyadur, Infiltrina, Somipront, DMS-70, DMS-90) — local anti-inflammatory, mestnoanesteziruyushchy and antiseptic agent; the amphoteric organosulfur connection having oxidizing and recovery properties, C 2 H 6 SO:

Colorless liquid or crystals bitterly - burning taste with a slight specific smell; t ° pl 18,55 °; mixes up with water (with return of heat), alcohol, acetone, 10% solution of ammonia, konts. salt and ice acetic to-tami in any ratios; it is insoluble on air, petroleum ether, toluene, benzene; it is hygroscopic. Connects various cations, forming usual and complex salts, various adducts and associates. Very well dissolves organic and inorganic salts and neutral medicinal substances. Can be exposed to an ionophoresis. Heat cleared by heating with caustic, Dimexidum received the name.

Changes conformation of fabric proteins, forms chelates with microelements of cellular membranes, destabilizes secondary structure nucleinic to - t; easily diffuses in living cells and fabrics, gets through the unimpaired skin, mucous membranes and gisto-gematichesky barriers, without damaging them; it is quickly soaked up from the surface of skin. Communicates albumine of blood and fabric proteins. In concentration higher than 60% promote penetration of the substances dissolved in it (steroid hormones, repellents, antifungal and antibacterial agents, and also radio - and photoprotectors) in cells and fabrics. Drug malotoksichen. Depending on concentration, a way and rate of administering, a look and a floor of animal its DL50 fluctuates within 2,5 — 50 g/kg.

According to pilot studies and a wedge, observations, D. has multilateral effect on an organism — cryoprotective, radio protective, antiinflammatory, antiedematous, febrifugal, mestnoanesteziruyushchy and analgesic. Causes bakterio-and fungistatic effect. In therapeutic doses drug oppresses c. the N of page, a physical activity, extends the dream caused by hexobarbital. Significantly does not change functions of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, causes diuretic effect, oppresses sokratitelny function of smooth muscle bodies, increases nonspecific resistance of an organism to infections, causes muscle relaxation, counteracts aggregation of thrombocytes, brakes activity of cholinesterase, reduces the content of cholesterol in blood, releases a histamine. Drug is quickly removed from an organism both in not changed look, and in the form of methyl sulphone.

Apply locally (lotions, bandages, applications, compresses, irrigations) in the form of water 30 — 90% of solutions to treatment of inflammatory hypostases, purulent wounds, burns, phlegmons of various localization, hemorrhages in joints, at pains of various etiology, an erysipelatous inflammation, eczema, trophic ulcers, diffusion streptodermas. In skin and plastic surgery for conservation of skin transplants use 5% solution of Dimexidum in Ringer's solution.

At use of solutions D. passing local reaction is possible: easy burning, erythema, small rash or itch of skin. Is contraindicated at pregnancy, severe defeats of parenchymatous bodies (hl. obr. liver), heavy atherosclerosis, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, stroke, coma.

Abroad D. use also parenterally, more often in a combination to steroid hormones, cytostatics, antibiotics, streptocides.

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