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DIMETHYLBENZANTHRACENE (synonym: 7,12-dimetilbeizantratsen, 9, 10-dimethyl-1,2-benzanthracene, DMBA) — oncogenous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon; With 20 R 16 . Has an appearance of colourless plates with a yellowish shade, we will dissolve in organic solvents and oils, it is almost water-insoluble, t ° pl 123 °. Pier. weight 256,35. In nature does not meet. B. M. Mikhaylov and N. G. Chernova, Fizer and Newman (Fieser, M. of Newman) independently from each other synthesized D. in 1938, and L. M. Shabad and G. E. Kleynenberg in 1939 found its sharply expressed Oncogenous properties in experiences on mice. Further this substance caused new growths and in other laboratory animals.

Causes tumors in doses approximately by 10 times smaller, than benzpyrene (see) and in shorter terms. Single hypodermic introduction of 0,1 mg of D. stimulates developing of sarcoma, and cutaneous application leads to developing of papillomas and skin cancer at mice and rats.

D.'s use causes emergence of the local and remote tumors more often than at effect of other substances of this group. Very toxic connection causing necroses in an injection site in adrenal glands. In animal D.' organism forms covalent bonds with macromolecular components of a cell, his metabolism goes on the way of oxidation. It is brought out of an organism in the form of oxyderivatives in a complex with glucuronic and sulfuric to-tami. D.'s action on the person is not studied; it is used in pilot oncological studies.

See also Dibenzantratsen , Oncogenous substances .

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L. M. Shabad, E. E. Smetanin.