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DIMETHYLAMINOAZOBENZENE (synonym: 4 dimethylaminoazobenzene, paradimethylaminoazobenzene, DAAB, dimethyl yellow) — synthetic oncogenous azoic dye; With 14 H 15 N 3 .

Let's well dissolve in organic solvents (alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform) and oils, we will badly dissolve in water, t ° pl 117 °. Receive by compound of benzene diazonium chloride with dimethyl aniline.

Oncogenous properties D. were found by R. Kinosita in 1937. Added to food of laboratory animals (rats, mice, dogs), D. in concentration of 0,06% causes development of malignant and high-quality new growths of a liver. On site its introductions of a tumor do not arise. Oncogenous activity of D. is lower, than at orthoaminoazotoluene (see. Aminoazotoluol ). The food rich with Riboflavinum and proteins protects an organism from D. V action of D.'s liver forms N-oxy-connections with proteins. His metabolism is carried out by demethylation and recovery to aminophenols.

— the acid indicator with a zone of transition at pH from 2,9 (red coloring) to 4,0 (yellow coloring). Is sometimes applied as a part of Tepfer's reactant to detection free salt to - you (red coloring) in gastric contents. It was applied abroad to coloring of foodstuff (butter, margarine, macaroni).

Industrial production of D. in the USSR is stopped; synthesis of its small amounts is carried out for the laboratory and experimental purposes.

See also Oncogenous substances .

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