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DIETHYLSTULBESTROLE (Diaethylstilboestrolum; synonym: Agostilben, Oestrogenin, Neooestranol, Oestramon, Oestrogenin, Oestrosyntal, Pabestrol, Stilbestrol, Stilbetin, Synestrin etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — the synthetic estrogen which received the greatest use in medicine. A trance-3, 4-di-(p-oxyphenyl) - hexene-3; 3,4 di (4 oxyphenyl) geks-3-en; With 18 H 20 O 2 .

Inodorous white crystal powder. We will dissolve in water very little, it is slightly soluble in chloroform, we will dissolve in 95% alcohol, fatty oils and in divorced water solutions of alkalis. It is easily ether-soluble. On biol, to action corresponds to estrone and oestradiol, but its therapeutic activity is about 2 — 2,5 times higher than oestradiol and is 15 times higher than estrone. Toksichny hexestrol (see). Unlike an estrabottom of l and and hexestrol, is almost not inactivated in went. - kish. a path and a liver and therefore keeps to lay down. action at intake.

Apply to treatment of a hypogenitalism, primary and secondary amenorrhea, hypo - and oligomenorrheas, at climacteric frustration, to stimulation of labor pains, suppression of a lactation, but also, to treatment of a thrombangiitis and an obliterating endarteritis, not bleeding stomach ulcer, a hypertrophy and a prostate cancer, at cancer of chest gland (at women 60 years are more senior).

Should be applied carefully since uterine bleedings, activation of growth of fibromas, etc.

the Highest doses of D. inside and intramusculary are possible: one-time — 1 mg, daily — 3 mg. At treatment of malignant new growths the highest single and daily dose at intramuscular introduction — 60 mg.

Forms of release: tablets on 1 mg and oil solution in ampoules on 1 ml with the maintenance of 1 mg and 30 mg of drug.

Diethylstulbestrole propionate (Diaethylstilboestroli propionas, synonym: Dibestil, Oestrol, Syntestrin) is similar on action of. Its advantage: at intramuscular introduction is longer is late in an organism and therefore works more for a long time. Form of release: oil solution in ampoules on 1 ml, with the maintenance of 1 or 5 mg of drug.

Keep in densely corked container in the place protected from light.

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