DIATROPTOV Pyotr Nikolaevich

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DIATROPTOV Pyotr Nikolaevich (1859 — 1934) — the Soviet hygienist and the microbiologist, professor (1910), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1928), one of the first organizers of sanitary and bacteriological matter in Russia and advanced training courses of health officers.

DIATROPTOV Pyotr Nikolaevich

After the termination in 1887 medical f-that Moscow un-that health officer of the Elizavetogradsky County (nowadays Kirovohrad Region of USSR); since 1889 the health officer of Odessa. Specialized on microbiology at I. I. Mechnikov, and on hygiene at F. F. Erismak. In 1892 — 1907 the manager. Odessa bacterial, the station where organized production antidiphtherial and other serums. In 1907 for revolutionary activity it was sent in the Volga region where participated in fight against cholera. Since 1910 taught a course of history of public medicine on the Moscow high female courses, and then (1917 — 1924) managed department of hygiene of the 2nd MSU. Since 1920 headed Sanitary and hygienic in-t in State in-those national health (GINZ). Since 1928 director State in-that experimental therapy and control of serums and vaccines, at the same time chairman of academic medical council of NKZ RSFSR. P. N. Diatroptov experimentally studied cholera, plague, and also questions a dignity. bacteriology. He proved that cholera vibrioes of various origin have unequal pathogenicity for animals; one of the first in Russia began to apply bacterial, methods for a gigabyte. researches of the soil, water, air.

The textbook on hygiene for average medical educational institutions is written to them.

In 1 prod. BME was an editor of a redotdel «Bacteriology, microbiology, hygiene, epidemiology».

Works: Value of bacteriology in hygiene. m, 1896; About plague, Odessa, 1897; About need of constant sanitary inspection for water business, SPb., 1899; The Review of diseases of plague on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and in seaports of Europe in 1900 and the beginning of 1901, SPb., 1901; About carriers of an infection, M., 1910; Medical microbiology, under the editorship of JI. A. Tarasovich, t. 1 — 2, SPb. — Kiev, 1912 — 1913 (author of a number of heads).

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