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DIATHERMY (grech, dia through, through + therme warmth, heat; synonym: thermopenetration, electropenetration, electrotransthermie, endothermie) — the method of electrotreatment consisting in impact on a body of the patient with alternating electric current of high frequency and big force (to 3 A). Passing of such current through an organism causes oscillating motion and mutual friction of the cellular particles bearing electric charge that leads to endogenous temperature increase of skin and deeply located fabrics and bodies. Internal heating of fabrics and influence on function of century of N of page of fluctuations of current (oscillations) is the basic physical. and fiziol, «answer» of an organism at this method of treatment. Under the influence of D. there is an active hyperemia not only the superficial, but also deeply lying bodies and fabrics, improves krovo-and a lymphokinesis, processes of exchange, phagocytal activity of leukocytes amplify, raises immunol, reactivity, secretory function of kidneys, decreases excitability of the central and peripheral nervous system. The listed reactions are the cornerstone of the antiinflammatory, desensibilizing, spasmolytic and soothing action of this method.

To it is shown at hron, inflammatory processes, vasomotor spasms, diseases with the expressed pain syndrome; it is contraindicated at acute inflammatory and purulent processes, bent to bleedings, tuberculosis, malignant new growths, at disturbances of a thermoesthesia.

For D. use the special device representing the generator of alternating current with a frequency of fluctuations of 1625 kHz fed from network of usual alternating current at a voltage of 120 — 220 in; fluctuations of the specified frequency arise in an oscillatory contour and are inductively transferred to a so-called therapeutic contour, to-rogo both the body of the patient, and the measuring device — the thermoampermeter is included; adjustment of size of current in a therapeutic contour is carried out by change of position of the induction coil of this contour concerning the coil of an oscillatory contour by means of the handle brought to the control panel. The thermoampermeter and «terminals of the patient» are located on the last, except the handle.

For holding a procedure D. on the body parts which are subject to influence impose and reliably fix metal electrodes of the corresponding sizes and a form, connecting them to terminals on the panel of the device. The procedure is dosed according to indications of the device and the caumesthesia felt by the patient. The most part to lay down. influences it is carried out at weak or moderate feeling by the patient of heat that corresponds to indications of current on the device within 0,4 — 0,8a. Procedures lasting 10 — 20 min. are carried out whenever possible daily, on a course of treatment from 10 to 15 procedures. Procedures D. are compatible to other electroprocedures using currents of low frequency; are incompatible with the procedures using currents of high frequency and also with klimato-and the hydropathic procedures connected with cooling. Since the end of the 60th of 20 EL gives way to not less effective, but more convenient and simple methods of electrotreatment in which currents of high frequency, and also electromagnetic fields of different frequency are used — inductothermies (see), microwave therapy (see).

V. G. Yasnogorodsky.