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DIATERMOELEKTROFOREZ (diathermy + electrophoresis; synonym: electrophoresis diathermy, monogalvanodiathermy) — a method of electrotreatment at which apply at the same time a diathermy and an electrophoresis of medicinal substances. This method is reasonable when deeper introduction to fabrics of ions of medicinal substances is necessary. The alternating current of high frequency used for a diathermy reduces the phenomenon of polarization caused by direct (galvanic) current at an electrophoresis in fabrics under electrodes, improves their conductivity for a galvanic current and by that promotes deeper penetration of ions of the entered medicinal substances. Influence is carried out by means of the special device — a galvano-diathermic sochetatel (SGD), connect devices for a diathermy (UDL) to Krom and for galvanization (AGN). Indications and the same contraindications that for galvanization (see), diathermies (see) and electrophoresis (see) medicinal substances. With 60 — the 70th 20 century the method is used restrictedly since the diathermy gives way to not less effective, but simpler and easy to use (in respect of the accident prevention) to methods of a high-frequency electrotherapy.

M. I. Antropova.