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DIASKLERALNY OPERATIONS (grech, dia through, through + a sclera] lat. operatio action) — the surgeries performed through a sclera usually after a preliminary section of the conjunctiva covering it.

Especially widely D. lakes apply to removal of foreign bodys. Magnetic foreign bodys (splinters of iron, became etc.) delete by means of a magnet through a linear section in a sclera. Nonmagnetic bodies are taken tweezers or other special devices through a section of various size and a form that depends on the size of a foreign body (see. Foreign bodys, eyes ). Islands use also for removal of a cysticercus (see. Eye, parasitic diseases ) and intraocular tumors (see. Iridotsiklektomiya ).

Lakes refer some operations applied at amotio of a retina to D. — diathermocoagulation (see), a kriopeksiya (see. Cryosurgery ), ultrasonic influence (see. Ultrasonic therapy ) and scleroplastic interventions (see. Sclera ).

R. A. Gundorova.