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DIAFENILSULFON (Diaphenylsulfonum; synonym: Avlosulfon, Dapsone, DDS, Diphenason, Dumitone, Novophone etc.; joint venture. B) — antileprotic means. 4,4 '-Diamino-difenilsulfon, C 12 H 12 O 2 N 2 S:

Inodorous white crystal powder, bitterish taste. It is water-insoluble, alcohol-soluble.

— one of the main antileprotic drugs. Appoint inside. The course of treatment consists of 4 five-week cycles with a one-day break every 6 days. In the first 2 weeks drug is appointed on 0,05 g by 2 times a day, in the following 3 weeks — on 0,1 g 2 times a day; breaks between cycles — 2 weeks, between courses — 1 — 1,5 month. Treatment is carried out it is long. The patient suffering subacute and hron, hepatitis, appoint the lowered doses; at the same time appoint the means stimulating function of a liver.

Apply also to treatment of patients herpetiform dermatitis of Dyuringa. Appoint inside 0,05 — 0,1 g 2 times a day. Treatment carry out by cycles on 5 — 6 days with a one-day break to disappearance a wedge, displays of a disease, then appoint maintenance doses — 0,05 g every other day or 1 — 2 time a week.

At D.'s treatment by-effects are possible: the general weakness, a loss of appetite, the dispeptic phenomena, dizziness, a headache, heartbeat, pains in heart; in some cases cyanosis, the phenomena of toxic hepatitis, hypochromia anemia can be observed. Therefore in the course of D.'s treatment it is necessary to make systematically blood tests and urine, to investigate a functional condition of a liver. At development of by-effects reduce a dose or temporarily stop administration of drug. At persistent anemia of D. cancel and appoint iron preparations, a liver, polyneuramin 12 . During the developing of acute parenchymatous hepatitis drug is cancelled and appoint a bed rest, a diet, polyneuramin 12 , insulin, glucose, Vikasolum, ascorbic and nicotinic to - that.

Is contraindicated at resistant heavy abnormal liver functions and kidneys, diseases of bodies of a hemopoiesis, decompensation of cardiovascular system, acute diseases went. - kish. path, organic diseases of a nervous system.

At D.'s use reception of pyramidon and barbiturates is contraindicated.

Forms of release: powder and tablets on 0,025 and 0,05 g. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Antileprotic means .

T. N. Zykova.