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DIAETHIPHENUM (Diaethyphenum; synonym: Coralgil, Trimanyl; joint venture. B) — vasodilator. Meso-3,4-di (para-diethylaminoethoxy-phenyl) - hexane dihydrochloride:

White crystal powder, well water soluble, t ° pl 222 — 226 °.

Causes expansion of coronary vessels and it is less expressed — peripheral. Heart rate and ABP under the influence of D. significantly do not change. Has also moderate spasmolytic (reduction of a spasm of smooth muscles of internals) and ganglioblokiruyushchiya activity. Drug malotoksichen.

apply for the prevention of attacks of stenocardia (hl. obr. vistseroreflektorny) or as supportive application after stopping of an attack nitroglycerine or other high-speed drugs. Appoint in tablets 0,025 g 3 — 4 times a day during 1 — 3 week, in hard cases intravenously on 5 ml of 0,2% of solution within 3 — 7 days once a day. Hit of solution under skin or in a muscle painfully.

Usually does not cause by-effects, and there are no direct contraindications to its appointment.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,025 g and 0,2% solution in ampoules on 5 ml (10 mg). Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Vasodilators , Antispasmodics .

R. A. Altshuler.