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DIADONY (Diadonium, joint venture. And) — kurarepodobny substance. Muscle relaxant. Di-n-toluoleulfometilat-bis-[N-metil-M (I-adamantil) of aminoethyl ether] succinic acid:


White or pale cream crystals. At 20 ° we will easily dissolve D. in water (33%).

— the anti-depolarizing (competitive) muscle relaxant. According to an experiment, it does not cause fibrillation of muscles. On activity corresponds to a tubarin. The full neuromuscular block remains 3 — 5 min. At repeated introduction of D. its action amplifies. Against the background of etherization the mioparalitichesky effect of D. amplifies and prolonged. Belongs to muscle relaxants of subsinaptichesky action. It blocks N-holinoretseptory of a trailer plate of skeletal muscles. Hydrolysates of D. in an organism also have the anti-depolarizing effect, but significantly concede on activity of. Influences D.'s blood circulation slightly: small raising of the ABP can be replaced by so poorly expressed and his short-term decrease. From heart sinus tachycardia is sometimes noted. It is short and insignificant. Increase of pulse is connected with the blocking D.'s influence on transfer of excitement from a vagus nerve on heart. Eliminates also kardiotropny action of acetylcholine. In the doses exceeding mioparalitichesky D. oppresses sympathetic a ganglion. Drug has weak antikholinesterazny activity, does not change angiotonic effect of adrenaline. Has no antihistaminic and myotropic spasmolytic effect, does not influence composition of peripheral blood and its coagulability. D.'s toxicity low, therapeutic latitude considerable. The antagonist D. — prozerin.

On a wedge, to data, D. causes necessary muscle relaxation in 1 — 3 min. At single administration of drug it lasts 10 — 15 min. Recovery of an initial tone of muscles happens very quickly. The total neuromuscular block comes at intravenous administration of 7 — 10 mg/kg of drug. Against the background of an anesthesia ether and D.'s Ftorotanum it is effective in smaller doses, than in combination with barbiturates. Does not influence distribution of potassium ions.

It is reasonable to use drug at short-term manipulations (an intubation, a bronkhoskopiya, etc.), and also in combination with it is long the operating muscle relaxants. At the beginning of operation enter D., then if there is a need, use it is long the operating drug (e.g., tubarin). Is shown and at the end of operation (1 — 3 injections) when repeated introduction is long acting to hurrah re is similar! about means it is undesirable.

Side effects of D. can be shown by insignificant decrease in the ABP, moderate sinus tachycardia, expansion of pupils.

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Bibliography: Harkevich D. A. About pharmacological properties of the new anti-depolarizing kurarepodobny means a dia-doniya of diiodide, Pharm, and toksikol., t. 33, No. 5, page 531, 1970.

D. A. Harkevich.