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DIADINAMOELEKTROFOREZ — the method of electrotreatment consisting in the combined impact on an organism of the patient with diadynamic current and the medicinal substance entered with its help through the unimpaired skin or mucous membranes. At D. there is summation of action of diadynamic current (its characteristic and the mechanism of action — see. Impulse currents ) and medicinal substance that considerably increases efficiency of treatment. Is shown at diseases with the expressed pain syndrome — neuralgia, radiculitises and others hron, inflammatory processes; it is contraindicated at malignant new growths, bent to bleedings, pregnancy, tuberculosis, acute inflammatory diseases. Procedures are carried out as well as at a usual electrophoresis (medicinal); the difference is only that not constant, but diadynamic current, napr, from the devices SNIM-1, model-717, Diadinamik (is used see. Electrophoresis, medicinal ). Types of diadynamic current and duration of its influence are defined by character and expressiveness patol, process. Duration of the procedure at impact on one body part of the patient up to 10 — 15 min.; at impact on several body parts the total duration of the procedure is up to 20 min. Procedures are carried out daily or every other day at total number on a course of treatment to 10 — 12. Can be combined with all other types of physical therapy and a resort therapy.

V. G. Yasnogorodsky.