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DIABETES RENAL (diabetes renalis; grech, diabetes, from diabaino to pass through; synonym renal glycosuria) — the clinical form of diabetes which is characterized by a glycosuria (at a normal sugar content in blood) owing to disturbance of a reabsorption of glucose from primary urine in proximal tubules, is more rare — disturbances of filtering in balls. One of the reasons of Dative — genetically caused defect: decrease of the activity of the phosphatase providing dephosphorylation of glyukozo-6-phosphate in the course of a reabsorption of glucose. The combination of Dative to other hereditary enzymopathies (Fankoni's syndrome) is possible. Cases of Dative at toxic damage of kidneys and disturbance of mechanisms of a reabsorption of glucose at poisoning with corrosive sublimate are known, oxalic to - that, for cyanic and ferruterous potassium, uranium, in an experiment — floridziny. Passing renal diabetes meets pregnancies in recent months. I. Penchev allows a possibility of passing or resistant Dative at organic and functional lesions of a nervous system (an injury, an inflammation, hemorrhages, tumors, neurosises, psychoses). Glycosuria (see) at Dative — from traces to 3%, about 6 — 7% seldom increase. At a high glycosuria are noted polyuria (see), polydipsia (see), sometimes — signs hypoglycemia (see). The constant feelings of hunger, vomiting accompanying Dative, diarrhea can cause acidosis, acetonuria, edges in combination with a glycosuria are simulated by a dekompensirovanny diabetes mellitus. Suspicion on Dative arises when the glycosuria at normal tolerance to glucose is found. Patients need to provide completion of sugar for the prevention of exhaustion of stocks of a glycogen and symptoms of a hypoglycemia and to exclude the carbohydrate overloads exhausting the insulyarny device.

Genetically caused Dative remains for the rest of life and usually does not affect working capacity (diabetes innocens — innocent diabetes). There are data on transition of Dative to a diabetes mellitus. Dative caused by toxic damage of kidneys regresses at treatment of a basic disease.

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