DE DYuV Christian

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DE DYuV Christian (de Duve Christian Rene, sort. in 1917) — the Belgian biochemist, the member of the Belgian academy of Sciences, Royal academy of medicine, Academy of arts and sciences (USA), Papal academy (Vatican), the Nobel Prize laureate (1974).

DE DYuV Christian

Ended in 1941 medical f-t Catholic un-that in Luvena (Belgium), in the same place received degree of the doctor (1946); from 1947 to 1951 the teacher, and since 1951 professor fiziol, chemistry of it un-that. Since 1962 professor Rokfellerovskogo un-that medical researches (Nyo-York).

C. de Duv is the founder of the doctrine about lysosomes (see). Since 1949 by method of differential centrifuging studied microsomal and mitochondrial fractions of cells of tissue of liver; assumed that at these fractions there are special particles — the lysosomes containing acid hydrolases, beta glucuronidase, arylsulphatase, acid phosphatase, DNA-ase, RNA azu (1955). By method of an electronic histochemistry he found out that lysosomes represent the electronic and dense little bodies having preferential activity of acid phosphatase (1956). Developed I. I. Mechnikov's idea about «cytoses», formulated the concept about lysosomes as constant universal components of a cell which possess a certain structure and function (1964). Suggested about participation of lysosomes in fiziol, and patol, the processes proceeding in cells (1965 — 1968).

For works about structure and functional activity of a cell of C. de Duv it is conferred the Nobel Prize. It is awarded also with prizes of Alyumni (1949), Pfizer (1957), Franca (I960), «For medical researches» (1967, Belgium); International award of Gerdner (1967, Canada), Heynekena (1973, Netherlands). C. de Duv is elected by the honorary member of high fur boots in Turin, Leiden, Lille, Sherbrooke.

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Bibliography: Nobelstiftelsen kalender, p. 106, Stockholm, 1975; The 1974 Nobel priza for physiology or medicine, Science, v. 186, p. 516, 1974.

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