DE BEKI Michael

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DE BEKI Michael (De Bakey Michael Ellis, sort. in 1908) — the American surgeon, the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1974).

DE BEKI Michael

In 1935 ended medical f-t of Tulensky un-that (New Orleans). Till 1937 worked for P. Lerish and Kirchner (M. Kirschner). From 1937 to 1948 taught surgery on medical f-those in Tulenskom un-those. In 1942 — 1946 the surgeon in army of the USA, the colonel. Since 1948 professor, the manager. department of surgery of Beylorsky medical college. Since 1952 professor of surgery Texas un-that. Since 1969 the president of Beylorsky medical college; at the same time (since 1951) the director of the Center of cardiovascular surgery and scientific research of Methodist hospital of the Texas medical center in Houston.

M. de Becky published apprx. 850 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to development of methods of surgical treatment of heart diseases and vessels with use of gomotransplantat and synthetic prostheses. It the first applied dacron fabric in a heart surgery and vessels; successfully used it and gomotransplantat at operations on various departments of an aorta (1951 — 1955), celiac, upper mesenteric and renal arteries (1955); executed an intimotrombektomiya from a carotid artery (1953).

In 1966 M. de Becky was successfully applied for the first time by the device «artificial left ventricle of heart» (booster pump). He suggested to cover the bypass shunt of the pump and an artificial left ventricle of heart with dacron fabric with velor for reduction of traumatization of uniform elements of blood; designed apprx. 50 surgical instruments which are widely applied in a heart surgery and vessels.

He is the chairman of the government commission on heart diseases, malignant tumors and disturbances of cerebral circulation, the surgeon-consultant of army of the USA, the responsible adviser National in-that health of the USA, the president Internatsionalnogo scientific about-va cardiovascular surgery, the American association of chest surgery, the member of many international medical and surgical about-in, the editor and the associate editor of 12 medical magazines of the USA, including «Annals of Surgery», «J. of Cardiovascular Surgery», «Heart Bulletin», etc.

M. de Becky — the honorary member of a number of foreign academies of Sciences, including Belgium, Greece, Yugoslavia, France, Canada, Italy, and also many an amer. foreign high fur boots.

With the Soviet scientists cooperates in the field of creation artificial heart (see).

Works: Cold injury ground type, Washington * 1958 (sovm. with Whayne T. F.); Surgery of an aorta and large peripheral arteries, the lane with English, M., 1960 (sovm, with other); Vascular surgery, Philadelphia — L., 1966 (edition); Acute left ventricular myocardial infarction, successful excision, Cardiovasc. Res. Cent. Bull., v. 8, p. 8, 1969 (sovm. with other); Monitoring and closed loop control of pneumatic blood pumps, ibid., v. 12, p. 3, J973 (sovm, with other); A surgeon’s diary of a visit to China, Phoenix, 1974.

Bibliography: Who’s who, p. 831, N. Y., 1973 — 1974.

M. D. Knyazev.