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DEZINSTRUKTOR (disinfector-instructor) — the average medic who is on the staff of disinfection department (department) of the sanitary and epidemiologic station or disinfection station.

The persons which ended courses of instructors-disinfectors, and a dignity are appointed to D.'s position. paramedic. The organization of disinfection actions, management belongs to D.'s duties disinfectors (see), control of quality of the works performed by them and correctness of use of the disinfection equipment, the equipment and disinfectants. Keeps documentation for the performed disinfection works and controls correctness of registration by her disinfectors; makes requests for necessary disinfectants and the equipment, overalls, etc. for performance of disinfection works in the serviced territory or on objects; takes samples for laboratory control (bacteriological, chemical, entomological) behind quality current, final, chamber disinfection (see), disinsections (see) and deratization (see). It also controls performance by disinfectors of the established obligatory rules on labor protection, personal and public security; carries out explanatory work among the population concerning disinfection, disinsection and deratization.

Depending on the nature of the performed disinfection works the direct leadership in carrying out final disinfection in the centers of infectious diseases and personal participation in this work belongs to D.'s duties. During the work in department (department) of chamber disinfection and sanitary cleaning and in the sanitary inspection room or in D.'s dezkamer directs work of the disinfectors working at dezkamer, conducts overseeing by technical condition of cameras, controls performance of the set duty of the sanitary inspection room and cameras; the dezkamer, available in a dignity keeps account. - epid and to lay down. - professional, institutions, and control of their technical condition. By production of scheduled disinfection maintenance makes out the contracts for performance of these works signed with the enterprises, institutions and the organizations, conducts primary examinations of the objects which are subject to disinfection, draws up statements about revealed a dignity. and dignity. - tekhn. defects also prepares offers on their elimination. Has the right to enter upon presentation of the relevant document apartments of citizens and other rooms for carrying out final, control for current and the organizations of preventive disinfection, to direct from the center of an infectious disease to sanitary cleaning of people, and also the things which are subject to chamber disinfecting. Work D. belongs to the category of works with the increased harm.

L. A. Manevich, T. D. Chernayenko.