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DEZHERIN-KLYUMPKE PARALYSIS (A. Dejerine-Klumpke, fr. neuropathologist, 1859 — 1927; synonym Dezherin-Klyumpka syndrome) — the symptom complex of damage of a lower part of a brachial plexus (the VIII cervical and the I chest spinal nerves) which is characterized by peripheral paresis or paralysis of muscles of a brush, change of sensitivity in the corresponding zone, vegetativnotrofichesky changes, including pupillary frustration.

The etiology

the Aetiology can be various: the injury (dislocation of a shoulder, reposition of dislocation etc.) which is followed by extension and a rupture of the specified nerves, their gunshot wound, a prelum false edges, tumors. In rare instances perhaps, apparently, and primary inflammation of the VIII cervical and the I chest nerves, their primary neuritis. As the component paralysis Dezherin-Klyumpka enters a picture of the general defeat of a brachial plexus.


the Scheme of zones of disorder of sensitivity on the inner surfaces of a shoulder, forearm and brush (in the drawing is shaded) corresponding to an innervation of the VIII cervical and the I chest spinal nerves at paralysis Dezherin-Klyumpka.

The paralysis which is followed by development of atrophies with reaction of degeneration is observed in those muscles which are innervated by the affected nerves. Small muscles of a brush concern to them: muscles of an eminence of a thumb and little finger, interosseous and worm-shaped muscles. Anesthesia correspond to the general schemes of disorder of sensitivity and cover an inner surface of a shoulder, forearm and brush (fig). Vegetative and trophic frustration are shown by a Crocq's disease, a hyperhidrosis or a xeroderma. On the party of the same name Bernard's symptom complex — Horner is sometimes noted: narrowing of a pupil, palpebral fissure and an enophthalmos (see. Bernard-Horner syndrome ).

The current, therapy, the forecast are defined by its etiology and a pathogeny of a basic disease (an injury, an inflammation, a tumor etc.).

See also Plexitis .

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