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DEXTROMORAMIDUM (Dextromoramidum; synonym: palfium, Alcoid, Duaran, Dimorlin, D-Moramid, Errecalma, Jetrium, Linfadol, Narcolo, Palfadonna, Palfium, Palphium, Pyrrolamidol, Troxilan, Yetrium; joint venture. A) — narcotic analgetic. D-(+) -2,2-Дифенил-3-метил-4-морфолинобутирил-пирролидин, C 25 H 32 N 2 O:


Apply in the form of hydrotartrate. On pharmakol, to properties it is close to to Fenadonum (see), but concedes to it on analgesic activities. Surpasses morphine (see) both on activity, and on duration of action. In some cases D. eliminates the severe pains after heavy operations and at malignant tumors which are not stopped by morphine. At systematic use drug can cause development of addiction (see. Drug addiction ). Is almost equally effective at parenteral administration and intake.

Apply at the injuries and various diseases which are followed by severe pains (malignant new growths, a myocardial infarction, etc.), at a preparation for surgery and in the postoperative period, in anesthesiology to a neyroleptanalgeziya and potentiation of local anesthesia. Appoint inside (better on an empty stomach) the adult on 1 tablet or 1 ml intramusculary (contains about 6,9 mg of hydrotartrate that corresponds to 5 mg of the main drug). Action comes in 5 — 10 min. after parenteral administration and in 15 — 30 min. after intake and 5 — 8 hour proceed. In the absence of effect the drug is administered repeatedly in 30 min.

At use of drug side effects can be observed: nausea, vomiting. Can cause deeper respiratory depression and stronger falling of the ABP, than morphine. Therefore after the first reception (or injections) drug of the patient shall be in a prone position within 15 — 30 min. Due to the strong oppressing D.'s action on breath it it is not necessary to apply in combination with the drugs oppressing a respiratory center, napr with other analgetics and barbiturates (see). At oppression of a respiratory center and severe general exhaustion use of drug is contraindicated.

It is made abroad.

See also Analgesic means .

N. A. Kruglov.