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DEVELOPMENT MECHANICS (synonym: analytical embryology, dynamics of development, physiology of development, epigenetics) — the doctrine about causal mechanisms of an ontogeny. The term is offered it. the embryologist of W. Roux in 1885. This doctrine gained the greatest development at the end of 19 — the beginning of 20 century when thanks to experiments with live sex cells and Boveri's germs (Th. In about veri), H. Driesch, Gertvigami's brothers (O. Gertvig and R. Hertvig), Y. Shpemann, M. M. Zavadovsky and other researchers laid the foundation of modern ideas of interaction of a kernel and cytoplasm in the course of ontogenesis, about embryonic induction, about processes of regeneration, etc. In the middle of 20 century synthesis of embryology with genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology led to formation of new and wider scientific direction — developmental biology — within to-rogo the causal analysis of the phenomena of ontogenesis penetrates all main sections.

See also Ontogenesis .

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