DESSAUER Friedrich

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DESSAUER Friedrich (Dessauer Friedrich, 1881 — 1963) — the German radiologist and the biophysicist. Having got a medical education in the Munich and Frankfurt high fur boots, worked in Ying-those biophysics at Frankfurt un-those. In 1920 — 1933 professor and the director created by it in Frankfurt am Main Ying-that physical fundamentals of medicine.

After establishment of the fascist mode left Germany. From 1934 to 1937 headed Radiological in-t in Istanbul (Turkey). In 1937 — 1953 professor of experimental physics and director Fi-

gichesky in-that at un-those in Fribourg (Switzerland). F. Dessauer published apprx. 500 scientific works and a number of monographs on radiology, biophysics and physics which promoted development of radiobiology, radiation therapy and diagnosis, and also improvement of the equipment of dosimetry. He studied distribution of radiation in the irradiated object, and also primary mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation on living tissue; offered the theory of action of X-ray — the so-called theory of dot warmth (Punktwarmtheorie), according to a cut these beams have the damaging effect on fabrics by transformation of the energy in thermal.

F. Dessauer was the honorary member of board Ying-that biophysics of Max Planck in Frankfurt am Main, and also honorary professor of a number of high fur boots.

Works: Zur Frage der Homogenbestrahlung, Dtsch, med. Wschr., S. 1734, 1908; Radium, Mesothorium und harte X-Strahlen, Lpz., 1914; Kompendium der Rontgenaufnahme und Rontgendurchleutung, Bd 1 — 2, Lpz., 1915 (sovm, with Wiesner B.); Die Rontgen-technik, Lpz., 1915; tiber die allgemeinen Bedingungen fiir Hypothesenbildungen in der Rontgentherapie, Strahlentherapie, Rd 18, S. 486, 1924; Zehn Jahre Forschung auf dem physikalischmedizinischen Grenz-gebiet, Lpz., 1931.

Bibliography: Rajewsky B. Friedrich Dessauer (1881 — 1963), Strahlentherapie, Bd 121, S. 1, 1963.

U. Ya. Margulies.