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DESQUAMATION (Latin desquamare to scale) — exfoliating of epithelial cells. Fiziol. Is observed on the surface of skin (exfoliating of cells of the keratosic epithelium), in went. - kish. a path, at secretory processes in some ferruterous bodies (e.g., in a mammary gland, in particular at the end of the lactic period). Patol. Is observed at an inflammation of mucous membranes (e.g., tracheas, bronchial tubes, alveoluses, went. - kish. a path), at hormonal impacts on a prostate, a mucous membrane of a uterus, a vagina. Deskvamirovanny cells usually perish, but quite often remain viable and can even show phagocytal and proliferative activity (e.g., an endothelium of vessels, respiratory alveolotsita). The inflammation, at Krom occurs plentiful D. of the cover epithelium which is added to exudate call desquamative (see. Inflammation ). Of an epithelium of a digestive tract, respiratory tracts, etc. can be manifestation of agonal and postmortem changes.