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DESOPIMONUM (Desopimon; Avicol, Chlorphentermini Hydrochloridum, Lucofen; joint venture. And) — anorexigenic means. 1-(steam - Chlorophenyl) - 2-methyl-2-aminopropane a hydrochloride:

White crystal powder, easily water soluble.

, it is similar to Phepranonum (see), causes a loss of appetite.

Apply D. in complex therapy at various forms of obesity — alimentary obesity, an adiposagenital syndrome, the obesity caused by a hypothyroidism, etc. Drug is appointed in combination with a low-calorie diet. At the obesity caused by endocrine disturbances, D. apply in addition to the corresponding hormonal therapy. Drug is appointed inside on 0,025 g by 2 — 3 times a day during food within 1,5 — 2,5 months. Repeated courses of treatment carry out after a 3-month break.

At overdose of drug, and also persons with hypersensitivity to D. can have a dizziness, sleeplessness, irritability, dryness in a mouth, dispeptic frustration, difficulty of an urination.

Is contraindicated at glaucoma (causes a mydriasis and increases intraocular pressure), an idiopathic hypertensia II and III stages, disturbances of cerebral and coronary circulation, atherosclerosis, a myocardial infarction, at a diabetes mellitus, feverish states, the increased nervous irritability, epilepsy, psychoses and a sharp sleep disorder. It is not necessary to appoint drug to the persons accepting inhibitors of a monaminoksidaza, and also pregnant and feeding. At diseases of cardiovascular system and D.'s hyperthyroidism appoint with care.

Form of release: tablets on 0,025 g. Keep with precaution.

V. K. Muratov.