DERYAPA Nikolay Romanovich

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DERYAPA Nikolay Romanovich (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet therapist, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1975).

DERYAPA Nikolay Romanovich

Member of the CPSU, colonel of medical service of a stock. Having ended in 1948. Naval medical academy, served as the doctor on the fleet. In 1954 — 1975 the graduated in a military academy, and then the teacher of department of therapy of VMA; since 1975 the deputy chairman of bureau of the Siberian branch USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

N. R. Deryapa published apprx. 80 scientific works devoted to problems of adaptations of the person in extreme conditions, polar medicine, medical climatology and a climatophysiology, geographical pathology and medical geography of polar districts of Earth. He studies Kliniko-fiziol. changes cardiovascular and other systems at the person in the conditions of low temperatures, influence heliogeophysical and meteorol. factors on the healthy and sick person in sowing. - vost. districts of the USSR. It made the medico-geographical description of Antarctica, are specified and implemented in practice specialized meteo - and helioforecasts which are used for prevention of meteotropny reactions. Under its management 11 theses, including 3 doctor's are executed. It is awarded the order the Red Star and medals.

Works: Medical care of midland campaigns in Antarctica, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 7, page 50, 1964; The Nature of Antarctic and acclimatization of the person, M. — L., 1965; Acclimatization and clinical features of some internal diseases in the Polar region, Klin, medical, t. 47, No. 5, page 10, 1969; Some questions of acclimatization and internal pathology of the person in Antarctica, Rubbed. arkh., t. 42, century 8, page 112, 1970 (sovm, with other); Acclimatization changes of a nervous system of staff of the Antarctic stations, in book: Antarctic, under the editorship of V. A. Bugaev, century 12, page 168, M., 1973; The Person in Antarctica, L., 1975 (sovm, with other).

M. A. Korendyasev.