DERR Robert

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DERR Robert (Doerr Robert, 1871 — 1952) — the Swiss microbiologist, professor (1912), the native of Hungary. Having ended in 1897 un-t in Vienna, served as the medical officer in Austro-Hungarian army and during World War I (1914 — 1918) the gigabyte directed. providing. Since 1919 the prof. of hygiene and bacteriology in Basel (Switzerland).

The main works R. Dera are devoted to studying of dysenteric toxin and antitoxin, questions of an allergy and anaphylaxis. Was engaged in studying of viral infections: fathers-patachi, dengue, herpes zoster and encephalitis, and also questions of virology. He one of the first assumed that the essence of the phenomenon of an anaphylaxis is made by reactions between antigens and antibodies in fabrics. Investigating a neyrotropnost of a virus of herpes, he suggested about its possible role in an etiology epid, encephalitis. It possesses a hypothesis of an endogenous origin of viruses. Together with Gallauer (S. of Hallauer) published the guide to virology (1944 — 1950).

Works: Das Dysenterietoxin, Jena, 1907; Dysenterietoxin und Antitoxin, Handb. Technik u. Methodik d. Immunitatsforsch., ErganzBd, hrsg. v. R. Kraus u. G. Leva-diti, Jena, 1911; Allergie und Anaphylaxie, Handb, pathogen. Mikroorg., hrsg. v. W. Kolle u. A. Wassermann, Bd 2, Hlft 2, S. 947, Jena, 1913; Pappatacifieber und Dengue, ibid., Bd 8, T. 1, B. — Wien, 1930; Herpes Zoster und Encephalitis, ibid., Bd 8, T. 2, S. 1415; Handbuch der Virus-forschung, Wien, 1938, ErganzBd 1 — 2, Wien, 1944, 1950 (an edition sovm, with Hallauer C.).

Bibliography: Robert Dorr, Schweiz, med. Wschr., S. 1357, 1941; Magrassi F. Doerr R., Boll. 1st. sieroter. milan., v. 31, p. 551, 1952.

V. M. Zhdanov.