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DERMOSKOPIYA (grech, derma skin + skopeo to observe, investigate) — studying of a condition of an integument by means of the following methods.

1. A visual estimate of prevalence, preferential localization, the nature of rashes before removal from a surface patol, the changed skin of crusts, scales, a poskablivaniye of rashes a slide plate or a scalpel, processings of skin oil for strengthening of transparency of a corneous layer.

2. Studying of isomorphic reaction of skin to irritation (see. Kebnera phenomenon ).

3. Diaskopiya (a synonym a vitropressiya) — studying of color of rashes during the pressing on elements of rash convex or usual glass for the purpose of an exception of a vascular component.

4. Studying of density of rashes by a palpation, pressings by the bellied probe.

5. Studying of density of a tire of a bubble and extent of its strengthening on edge of a bubble (Nikolsky's symptom — see. Pemphigus ).

6. Studying of character dermographism (see).

7. Studying of character of an enanthesis by means of optical devices (a magnifying glass simple, binocular, a binocular dermatoskop).

8. Studying of nature of rashes by means of «reaction of ignition» (as a result of parenterally entered solution nicotinic to - you).

9. Studying of the centers of defeat under Wood's lamp (a luminescent method) for the purpose of detection of character of a luminescent luminescence and borders of defeat.

10. Research of a myshechnovoloskovy reflex.

11. Studying of capillaries of skin with use of a microscope or kapillyaroskop (see. Kapillyaroskopiya ).

B. A. Zadorozhny.