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DERMATOTLAZIYA (dermatothlasia; Greek derma, dermat[os] skin + thiasis crush, puddling) — a form of persuasive states, edges is shown in insuperable desire to cause in itself irritation of skin, kneading, pounding, combing or pinching from time to time it. Described for the first time in 1898 A. Fournier. Usually arises as neurotic reaction, then is fixed uslovnoreflektorno and becomes patol, a habit. As a rule, D. is observed at persons with alarming and hypochondriac character or having neurosis persuasive a state. Also imitation other persons suffering from this frustration can be an origin of D.

Is D.'s consequence small - focal injury of skin in the form of excoriations and change-type of lichenification, independently passing at the termination irritation of skin.

Treatment: the calming psychotropic drugs, psychotherapy and other methods of treatment of neurotic states.

See also Persuasive states .

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