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DERMATOSCLEROSIS (dermatosclerosis; Greek. derma, dermat[os] skin + skleros firm + - osis) — limited or diffusion consolidation of skin with loss of elasticity by it. Can be the inborn malformation of skin acquired — primary symptom of a disease (e.g., sclerodermas) and a secondary symptom — the investigation lympho-or a hemostasis (is more often on the lower extremities). Develops as a result of destruction elastic and hypertrophies of collagenic fibers. Patol, process can take also hypodermic cellulose and the subject fabrics. Thickness of skin can increase, decrease or remain not changed, at palpation it is not possible to form a skin fold. In the centers of defeat skin of a whitish shade, sometimes a giperpigmentirovana, with the teleangiectasias expanded with skin veins, single hemorrhages; an outcome is atrophy of skin (see).

The forecast and treatment depend on a basic disease. At a scleroderma the good effect is rendered by injections of a lidaza, for improvement lympho-and blood circulations appoint massage, a diathermy, warm hydrotherapeutic procedures and mud cure.

B. G. Stoyanov.