DERKACh Vasily Stepanovich

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DERKACh Vasily Stepanovich

DERKACh Vasily Stepanovich (1894 — 1975) — the Soviet microbiologist and the immunologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945), the honored worker of science of USSR (1943).

In 1917 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that where then work of l as the assistant, and since 1932 managed department of microbiology. In 1942 — 1943 of the department chair of microbiology Agricultural in-that in Chkalov (nowadays Orenburg). In 1943 — 1967 of the deputy director Kharkiv in-that vaccines and serums and at the same time (1948 — 1971) department chairs of microbiology Kharkiv medical in-that.

V. S. Derkach published apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to problems of microbiology, development of new antibiotics. It began with one of the first in our country development of questions of a bacteriophagia (1922); investigated antigenic properties of typroid toxin and offered a method of single vaccination of people against a typhoid (1936); studied antibiotic properties of aniline paints, connections of a fenazinovy row (pyocyanine, its homologs and analogs) and developed a method of receiving pyocyanine (1946). Were received by it an antibiotic Sanazinum, effective at treatment of a trichomoniasis, dysentery and some types of sepsis, antineoplastic drug Neocidum which is applied at treatment of some forms of cancer; are offered mikrobiol. methods of controlling with paratifozy bees and with wreckers of sugar beet.

Under the leadership of V. S. Derkacha the St. 70 theses, including 11 doctor's are protected.

V. S. Derkach was WHO expert on antibiotics, the associate editor of magazines «Antibiotiki», «Vrachebnoye delo», «Mikrobiologichesky zhurnal», the editor «Bacteriology» in 3 prod. redotdet. BME. It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and two awards of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: About the antigenic and immunizing properties of toxicants of typroid bacteria, a yew., Works Ukrainsk. in-that epid, and mikrobiol, of Mechnikov, t. 4, Kharkiv, 1939; Studying of antibiotic properties of pyocyanine, in the same place, t. 10, page 55, 1946; Antibiotics against malignant new growths, in the same place, t. 23, page 15, 1956; Some results of studying of Neocidum, Antibiotics, t. 5, No. 5, page 34, 1960; Experimental studying of the cleared Neocidum, in the same place, t. 11, No. 7, page 619, 1966; About the mechanism of action of antibiotics, Works Harkovsk. medical in-that, century 79, page 48, 1968.

Bibliography: V. S. Derkach, Antibiotics, t. 21, No. 4, page 377, 1976.

Yu. I. Milenushkin.