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DEPRIVE OF THE PERSON IDLE TIME (pityriasis faciei simplex; synonym: dry streptoderma, erythematic and squamous streptoderma, white deprive of the person) — atypical kind of streptococcal impetigo.

An infestant — a streptococcus. Developing of a disease is promoted by maceration, insufficient drying during the washing, crusting of face skin, non-compliance with hygiene of skin. Disease outbreaks in children's collectives are described.

The loosening of a corneous layer of epidermis is histologically noted, parakeratosis (see).

Clinical picture it is characterized by emergence, is more often at children, on face skin in cheeks, around a mouth, on a chin of light pink erythematic spots of various size of the roundish outlines with quite sharp borders covered with scaly scales. On site rashes after their permission, especially after influence of insolation, there are depigmented sites of skin — a pseudoleukoderma (see. Leukoderma ).

Diagnosis diseases it is simple, in doubtful cases of L. l. items differentiate with fungus diseases of skin on the basis of lack of pathogenic fungi in scales.

Treatment — ointments with antibiotics, 2% bornonaftalanovy and salicylic ointments.

Forecast favorable, a recurrence is observed seldom.

Prevention — see. Pyoderma .

Bibliography: Pavlov S. T., etc. Skin and venereal diseases, page 74, M., 1975.

G.F. Romanenko.