denudation of an artery

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DENUDATION of an artery (Latin denudatio exposure; synonym periarterial sympathectomy) — partial circular removal of an outside cover (adventitia) of a blood vessel.

Destruction of nervous formations of an adventitia leads to paralysis of vasoconstrictors and vasodilatation distalny places of intervention. However in connection with regeneration of an adventitious cover and sympathetic fibers D.'s effect is short-lived.

Apply at an endarteritis, trophic ulcers and the pain syndrome which arose after an injury of a neurovascular bunch or amputation of extremities.

Usually at D. the adventitia is deleted throughout 8 — 12 cm. Quite often surgical removal of an adventitia is replaced with influence of 5% solution of phenol or 80% alcohol — so-called chemical D.

See also Sympathectomy .

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