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DENTOPROSTHETIC LABORATORY — laboratory, in a cut the technical part of work on production of tooth and maxillofacial prostheses and orthodontic devices is performed. 3. l., as a rule, is near orthopedic (or orthodontic) an office stomatol, policlinics or departments. In it convenience of work and a gigabyte shall be provided. working conditions of dental technicians (see. Dental technician ). In the large cities can be organized centralized 3. l. for service of several stomatol, departments and offices.

Rooms 3. l. are subdivided into the basic and additional, special. The total area of laboratory depends on number of the dental technicians working in it. The volume of the production placement on one working shall make not less than 13 m 3 , and the area — not less than 4 m 2 . Walls 3. l. or paint styrenated alkyd, polyvinyl acetate and oil paints of light tone or cover with a glazed tile; a floor is dimmed linoleum. Lighting of all rooms shall, to be natural; besides, good general artificial lighting and additional about each workplace is necessary. In all rooms there has to be the general positive-pressure ventilation, an eyeliner of hot water with cranes mixers; the electrical wiring of lighting and power network shall be hidden.

In the main room jobs for dental technicians — special dental tables 1 m long, 75 — 80 cm high, 70 cm wide are equipped. On the front party of a cover of a table is available, a semicircular cut, edges to-rogo and the middle of a table cover sheet corrosion-proof stalyo. In the middle of a semicircular cut the wedge-shaped wooden ledge which serves as a support at a scrap of plaster models, finishing of prostheses, etc. is attached to a table. In a table there are three boxes of various depth: upper — for tools, average — for collecting of waste and some materials which can be used, and lower — for garbage (the fulfilled gypsum, etc.). Necessary materials and tools are stored in bedside tables of a table. At the left on a table install the grinding motor, on Krom by means of abrasive disks, borons and other tools prishlifovyvat porcelain and plastic teeth, process metal details and ready dentures (see). For more delicate work attach a sleeve to the motor from drills (see) or use a suspended dental drill. In a table there is a ventilating grate, a gas burner, a dental anvil and other tools (see. Dental tools ). In the main room are also the device for drawing metal (gold, steel, etc.) sleeves, a press for stamping of crowns and a fireproof case for the storage of gold and gold prostheses which are in process of work at dental technicians. Reception of ready gold prostheses and delivery of gold for work to dental technicians are made in the certain room.

In special additional rooms plaster, polymerization, soldering, foundry and polishing departments are placed. Along with the general positive-pressure ventilation in foundry, soldering and polymerization departments there have to be hoods or exhaust umbrellas, and in polishing — dust collectors. Plaster department prepares gypsum, and from it working models of jaws, plaster models with the prepared prostheses in ditches for the subsequent replacement of temporary wax basis by plastic. In polymerization department melt wax from a ditch, prepare plastic for molding of prostheses and its polymerization in special adaptation on a certain thermal mode. Soldering department is equipped with soldering devices by means of which make commissure of metal parts of prostheses, heat treatment of sleeves for crowns, etc. The flame of soldering devices is formed from combustion of mix of vapors of the gasoline and air given by the electric compressor.

Foundry department casts metal parts of dentures from kobaltokhromonikelevy alloys, stainless steel and other alloys in the way of investment casting (on the melted models). Apply an oxyacetylene flame, and also heating in electric furnaces to fusion of alloys. More perfect is the electric furnace heated by currents of high frequency. It is established in certain rooms large 3. l. stomatol, policlinics where can perform foundry works for several city institutions, the district, area (the centralized foundry). There are muffle furnaces for smelting and a burning out of foundry cores of wax models. Foundry department shall be not less than 11 m 2 , and in the presence of high-frequency installation — not less than 24 m 2 . In the polishing room there are desktops with motors on which polish prostheses by means of polishing circles, felt felt wheels, hair and filar brushes, abrasive powders and special polishing pastes (see. polishing pastes ).

The possible zapyleniye of the room abrasive and other production dust, air pollution by evaporations during the smelting of metal, boiling down of plastic and so forth belongs to profvrednost. For the purpose of elimination of it the room and desktops are equipped with positive-pressure ventilation.

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