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DENTAL TECHNICIAN — the specialist with secondary medical education who graduated from dental department of medical school, performing work on production of tooth, difficult maxillofacial prostheses and orthodontic devices according to instructions of the dentist.

In the Middle Ages smiths and jewelers were engaged in production of dentures. In imperial Russia there were no educational institutions for preparation 3. t. They studied at masters in private dental workshops and did not receive general education and medical preparation. The term of training was not established.

After Great October socialist revolution in our country dental departments in medical schools (schools) in which the term of training for persons with the finished secondary education 1 year 10 months were created.

In 1975 in the USSR was apprx. 32 thousand 3. t.

3. t. are obliged to carry out precisely tekhnol. the requirements stated in special instructions and the managements. They specialize by types of a denture and tekhnol. processes (founders, polishers, 3. t., working with use of precious metals, etc.). Workplace 3. t. is in dentoprosthetic laboratory of policlinic (see. Dentoprosthetic laboratory ).

G. S. Kuklin.