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DENTAL INSTALLATION universal — a complex functionally connected during the processing of an oral cavity and the prepared tooth of the dental devices and devices combined in one or several cases installed on a floor or fixed on the dental chair. Page at. it is intended for rendering stomatol. the help in stomatol. departments (offices) of policlinics, hospitals, hospitals, stationary and mobile out-patient clinics.

The first S. at. there were in the 30th 20 century. In the USSR S. at. the ZU-1 type released the Tekhnolog plant (nowadays Moscow scientific and production association «Medoborudova-niye») in 1941. Page at. are issued in the USSR, VNR, GDR, ChSSR and other countries. Created in the beginning in the form of the column combining the main functional nodes they turned then due to embedding of various devices and devices into bulky complexes with high automation of nodes, leaving for to-rymi was very difficult. Since the end of the 60th process of simplification of dental installations began.

Fig. 1. MOUSTACHE dental installation 10/100: 1 — the case; 2 — a bowl of a spittoon; 3 — a salivary ejector; 4 — the operating console the hydroblock; 5 — the device for a set of water in a glass; 6 — guns for air delivery and water: 7 — the operating console; 8 — a tip of a pneumodrill; 9 — a tip of an electrodrill; 10 — the lamp; 11 — the fan; 12 — bottles for drugs; 13 — a tool little table; 14 — a foot pedal of management.
Fig. 2. Set of the equipment of a workplace of the dentist of K-1: 1 — a chair of the stomatologist; 2 — the dental chair; 3 — the MOUSTACHE dental installation 10/300; 4 — the lamp; 5 — the hydroblock with a spittoon, a salivary ejector, a filler of water and other devices; 6 — the compressor.

Page at. happen stationary, mobile and figurative. Distinguish S. at. for the doctor and the sister in the form of the columns, columns blocks which are built in furniture or mounted on the dental chair (see). In the USSR US-30, US-10/100 installations (fig. 1) and others are issued (table). US-10/300, edge installation is included in the package of the equipment of a workplace of the dentist of K-1 meets the requirements of ergonomics and is readily available for repair (fig. 2). Nek-rye S. at. are created by block modular principle — Siemens and Kavo (Germany), Planmeka (Finland), PUS-01 (USSR) thanks to what separate functional nodes (modules) can be replaced without use of tools that facilitates their repair. Page at. usually consists of a column and drills which are built in in it, the lamp, the hydroblock, a spittoon, a salivary ejector, the fan, etc.; are a part of a workplace, besides, stomatol. a chair, a chair and a table for the dentist. In the USSR, the USA, are developed by Germany and figurative S. are applied at., intended for rendering stomatol. help in child care facilities, in expeditions and in field conditions.

Fig. 3. Figurative dental PUS-01 installation: 1 — the module of management and food of UP-01; 2 — the module of a drill BEPB-04; 3 — the case of installation with the handle for transfer; 4 — the module of an electrosurgical high-frequency apparatus ES-10; 5 — the module of an air gun with the compressor for water delivery and PPK-01 air; 6 — the water block; 7 — the module of an odontodiagnostika and anesthesia.

Food of the domestic PUS-01 installation (fig. 3) is carried out from the alternating current main. Installation would consist of blocks modules: drills, the electrosurgical device for coagulation of fabrics, the device of an odontodiagnostika and anesthesia, the gun for water delivery and air, the water block and the control unit and food. The front cover of installation is used as a working little table. A lot (weight) of installation is 15 kg.

Domestic S. at. are easy to use and do not demand from medical staff of special knowledge of operation and service.

Page at. shall be grounded. Before work it is necessary to check reliability of grounding. Page at. at repair, change of safety locks, oil filling or waters it is necessary to disconnect from the power supply network; it is impossible to use a drill for dental works, to use faulty borons, especially for turbine tips.

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