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DENIGA OPERATION (R. Page R. Denig, amer. ophthalmologist, sort. in 1867) — the operation directed to substitution of conjunctival and episkleralny fabric by a strip of a mucous membrane from a lip. Sometimes it is (very rare) as a transplant use a strip of the skin taken from a back surface of an auricle. For the first time operation is made by Denig in 1911 at a tracheomatous pannus. In 1914 Denig recommended it for treatment of burns of an eye. At heavy burns D. of the lake is most effective in the first two days.

Technology of operation

After local anesthesia or an anesthesia excise a conjunctiva, nekrotizirovanny owing to a burn, on border with a limb (perilimbalny Ektomiya). Capture of a strip of a mucous membrane from a lip is made under an infiltration anesthesia. A rag because it is considerably reduced, find bigger, than defect, the size. The wound is sewn up with a continuous suture or several noose sutures. From a rag carefully delete fatty tissue then it is stacked on the naked site of a sclera and sew or to direct muscles of an eye, or to an episkla of rolled fabric, or to a healthy conjunctiva. The transplant shall not find on a cornea. If defect of fabric circular, the ends of a transplant sew.

The principle of operation at a tracheomatous pannus is same.

D.'s lack of the lake is the unsatisfactory cosmetic effect.

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