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DENATURED ALCOHOL — ethyl crude alcohol, denaturant and colorant are added to Krom. The crude alcohol which did not undergo rectification contains 0,23 — 0,64% fusel oils (see).

Denaturanta — the substances impacting to alcohol sharp off-flavor and relish and not separating from it by methods of filtering, upholding, distillation (methyl alcohol, kerosene, gum spirit of turpentine, pyridine bases or atsetonisty alcohol) add in alcohol for the prevention features for preparation from it alcoholic drinks. For D.'s giving to page of intensive blue-violet coloring use dye — the main violet.

Of page apply as solvent at production of varnishes, polishes, colognes and to other technical purposes.

Poisonings with couples of D. of page in conditions of production are not described.

D.'s reception by the village is inside deadly.

D.'s poisoning with page is characterized by lack of euphoria inherent to usual intoxication and can be followed by a loss of consciousness. Epileptiform states, a syndrome of deep devocalization, a struporous state (see. Devocalization ) effects of fusel oils result. Vomiting, morbidity in an anticardium, decline of cordial activity, a cold snap of extremities, expansion and sluggish reaction of pupils are often noted.

After 2 — 3-day treatment in a hospital most of victims is written out, however the phenomena of a heavy postintoksikatsionny adynamy remain for a long time. Impurity of fusel oils often causes developing of diencephalic pathology (up to diencephalic epilepsy) at the alcoholics using polish and cologne.

During World War I when as a denaturant methyl alcohol was used, a serious poisoning was registered at intake of 50 — 500 ml of D. of page.

First aid: gastric lavage warm water, bloodletting with the subsequent hemotransfusion, intravenous administration of 5% of solution of sodium bicarbonate; during the weakening of breath and cordial activity — the oxygen, cardiacs and means exciting breath.

During the work with D. of page, varnishes and polishes on its basis the same rules are followed that during the work with methyl alcohol (see). Its coloring, supply of a container with the label with a text «poison», the correct account and storage is of great importance for the prevention of poisonings of D. of page.

Denatured alcohol in the medicolegal relation is of interest as it can be used by alcoholics as substitute for achievement of an ebrietas. D.'s poisoning with page arises in connection with availability in it of fusel oils, methanol and pyridine. The corpse of the dead as a result of D.'s poisoning with page is subject court. - to medical opening, and the withdrawn internals — court. - to a chemical research.

Pathoanatomical and gistol, changes under the influence of D. pages are not characteristic and connected generally with toxic action alcohol (see). During the opening of cavities and bodies of a corpse the characteristic smell of D. of page the Chemical analysis is felt establishes existence in blood and urine ethyl and others alcohols (see), and also aldehydes (see).

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