DEMYANOVICH Mikhail Pavlovich

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DEMYANOVICH Mikhail Pavlovich (1879 — 1957) — the Soviet dermatovenerologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1947), one of organizers dermatovenerologists of chesky service in the USSR.

DEMYANOVICH Mikhail Pavlovich

Having ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1904, worked as the rural doctor in Armenia. In 1908 — 1911 an ex-sloe in clinic of skin and venereal diseases Moscow un-that, directed by A. I. Pospelov, and then the assistant to clinic of skin diseases of the high female courses. In the years of World War I the consultant-venereologist of the Western front worked in field medical institutions of field army, and since 1917. In 1918 — 1919 the doctor for instructions in the Head military and sanitary department, the member of the Central commission on fight against venereal diseases at Narkomzdrava. In 1919 — 1921 the manager. indicative venerol, out-patient clinic, and then (till 1934) the deputy director by a scientific part Integrated state venereologic in-that. In 1935 at the initiative of M. P. Demyanovich it was organized State by in-t of veterinary dermatology where he held a position of the deputy director on scientific work. Since 1950 the deputy director by a scientific part Central research dermatovenerologic in-that M3 of the USSR.

M. P. Demyanovich published apprx. 130 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted to diagnosis, a pathogeny and treatment of skin and venereal diseases. In the monograph «Hard Ulcer and Syphilides» he stated fundamentals of venereology, questions of differential diagnosis of syphilides and the organization of prevention of venereal diseases. He studied methods of treatment of eczemas, dermatitis, parasitic diseases of skin, offered (1922) a method of the accelerated treatment itches (see) which bears his name. In 1944 took active part in the organization of fight against the mange which gained mass distribution among the population of Belarus during fascist occupation.

It is awarded by two awards «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Hard ulcer and syphilides, L., 1928; Infectious diseases of skin, M. — L., 1936; Fungal diseases of skin, M., 1944; Mange, M., 1946; Eczema, M., 1948; Venereal diseases, M., 1956 (edition).

Bibliography: Hetman of G. M. K to the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 45 anniversary of vrachebnonauchny, pedagogical and public work of professor Mikhail Pavlovich Demyanovich, Vestn, dermas, and veins., No. 2, page 57, 1950; M. P. Demyanovich, in the same place, No. 1, page 60, 1955; M. P. Demyanovich, in the same place, No. 1, page 94, 1958.

H. M. Turanov.