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DEMORPHANUM (Demorphanum; synonym: Arrestol, Dextromethorphan, D-3-Methyldromoran, Dormethan, Hycorphan, Medicon, Methorate, Romilar, Sedotus, Thorexin, Tusilan, Tussin; joint venture. B) — antibechic. O-methyl-N-metiloksimorfinan, C 18 H 25 NO:

White crystal powder, easily water soluble. Apply in the form of hydrobromide. On a chemical structure of D. it is close to to lemoranum (see), but, unlike the last, has no analgetic properties, does not cause euphoria and addiction. Affecting c. the N of page, suppresses cough. On antibechic activity does not concede to codeine (see); more rare, in comparison with it, causes drowsiness and disturbances from outside went. - kish. path. At use of drug there can be dizziness, weakness.

Is a part of the combined antibechic drugs. Make abroad.

See also Antibechics .

N. A. Kruglov.