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DEMODICOSIS (demodicosis, demodicidosis) — a parasitic disease of skin from group of an akariaz.

The disease is caused by a tick — an iron woundwort (Demodex folliculorum, this. Demodicidae), who is almost a resident of hair follicles, sebaceous glands of the person and some animals; it is found also in meibomian glands a century, follicles of skin in nipples. The tick has the extended form of a body; a male of 0,3 x 0,04 mm in size, a female — 0,38 x 0,04 mm; he gets into depth of skin and usually shows nothing the parasitizing. Arises only against the background of a number of the contributing factors — dysfunctions of sebaceous glands and change of composition of skin fat, an atony of walls of vessels, etc.

Defeat is localized usually on a face where polymorphic rashes develop: small papules and pustules on erythematic, sometimes a desquamative background, small spots of red color, a peeling in the field of openings of follicles. Some authors allocate the oligosymptomatic, eritematoskvamozny, papulovezikulezny, pustular, rozatseopodobny and combined forms D. D. can remind red or vulgar eels, initial manifestations of a lupus erythematosus. Disease is chronic, the aggravation comes during the spring and summer period.

The diagnosis is based on a wedge, a picture and detection of the activator in scraping from the affected skin or in a secret of grease and hair follicles.

Treatment is carried out by Demyanovich's method (see. Mange ). 5 — 6 cycles of treatment with three-day breaks, rubbing in in the centers of 5 — 10% of Unguentum sulfuratum, Vilkinson's ointment. Vigorous treatment usually leads to disappearance of a dermatosis, however, if pathogenetic factors are not eliminated, possible a recurrence. Along with treatment it is recommended to carry out disinsection bed and underwear.

See also Akariaz .

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