DEMINSKY Ippolit Aleksandrovich

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DEMINSKY Ippolit Aleksandrovich (1864 — 1912) — the domestic epidemiologist.

DEMINSKY Ippolit Aleksandrovich

Upon termination of medical f-that Kazan un-that in 1889 worked as the doctor of the Internal Kyrgyz horde; since 1890 the health officer at management of fish and seal crafts in Astrakhan, and then on the Lake Baskunchak. Since 1907 the doctor in the Astrakhan medical department. Since 1909 the assistant to the manager of antiplague laboratory.

Took part in elimination of outbreaks of plague in Kolobovke (1899), in Vladimirovk (1900) settlement, in Beketaye (1905), in the settlement Hierarchal (1907), the natural boundary Sagonay (1911), in Rakhink (1912) settlement, and also in elimination of a number of epidemics of cholera and sapropyra.

He established that cholera vibrioes are capable to worry in river and ilmenny silt during the winter, and to infect the vegetables watered from the infected reservoirs in the spring. At a congress of participants of antiplague actions in 1910 in the report on plague in the Astrakhan province in 10 years (1899 — 1909) I. A. Deminsky suggested about endemicity of plague on Yu.-V. of Russia and stated system of antiplague actions among which he allocated a foreground for a research of steppe rodents as probable carriers of the causative agent of plague in the nature.

In 1911 in the natural boundary Sagonay it marked out culture of a plague microbe from a camel, and in 1912 in the settlement Rakhinka — from a gopher. During opening of the gopher caught in the steppe caught plague. It was one more proof that plague of gophers is identical to plague of the person. In several days after infection I. A. Deminsky died.

In 1956 in the territory of the antiplague station in Astrakhan the monument to I. A. Deminsky is established, and here from Rakhinka his ashes are transferred.

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I. I. Elkin.