DEMICH Vasily Fedorovich

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DYOMICH Vasily Fedorovich (1858 — 1930) is a domestic doctor, the historian of medicine, the ethnographer.

Ended medical f-t of Deritsky un-that and in the same place in 1888 protected dokt.

the thesis on the subject «Studying of the Major Russian National Pharmaceuticals from Flora», edges it was executed at department of the pharmacology headed by the prof. of R. Robert. Worked as the pediatrician in St. Petersburg. In 1899 inspected a dignity. a condition of territories on coast of Volga, participated in fight against epidemic of plague in the Astrakhan province. Since 1900 on military service, at the same time was the assistant to dermatological clinic medical f-that Kiev un-that. During World War I headed the Kiev military hospital. After 1917 worked as the practical doctor.

V. F. Demich possesses basic researches of traditional medicine in Russia. In its works which were published from 1888 to 1911 rich and unique material on various aspects of traditional medicine — to obstetrics, treatment of female and children's, feverish, venereal and surgical diseases, alcoholism, etc. is presented. The first large scientific work of V. F. Demich was the mentioned doctoral dissertation. It published also detailed researches «Gynecology at the Russian People» (1889), «Pediatrics at the Russian people» (1891), «Sketches of the Russian traditional medicine. Surgery at the Russian people» (1911) and a row other.

The unsatisfactory condition of national health care (prosperity of self-treatment, activity of sorcerers) and low level a dignity is shown in V. F. Demich's publications. cultures of the simple people. In sketches also the attention was paid to the rational beginnings of traditional medicine. V. F. De-mich called physicians for fight against superstitions and active a dignity. - a gleam. to work.

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Yu. N. Kvitnitsky-Ryzhov.