DEMENTIEV Evstafy Mikhaylovich

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DEMENTIEV Evstafy Mikhaylovich (1850 — 1918) — the domestic health officer and the progressive public figure, the doctor of medicine (1889), one of founders of sanitary statistics in Russia.

DEMENTIEV Evstafy Mikhaylovich

In 1876 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that and began to work as the doctor at medical department of the St. Petersburg provincial board; participated in a dignity. inspection of factories and plants of the St. Petersburg province. In 1882 — 1894 a dignity. doctor of the Moscow provincial zemstvo. In the next years the factory inspector, then the factory auditor of department of trade and manufactories of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Together with F. F. Erisman and A. V. Pogozhev in 1879 — 1885 the social gigabyte participated in the first complex studying. working conditions and life of working factories and plants of the Moscow province. It independently inspected four industrial counties (Podolsk, Serpukhov, Kolomna and Bronnitsy) on expanded with it, especially regarding studying of service economic conditions, the program. In the researches it showed cruel exploitation of workers by capitalists, pernicious action of severe conditions of work and life on health of workers and their families. Results of inspections of E. M. Dementiev generalized in the reports and chapters made by it of «The general report on sanitary researches of factory institutions of the Moscow province for 1879 — 1885», published in 1890 and 1893, and also in the book «Factory that It Gives to the Population and that It at It a Beret» (1893). The book had especially great social and political value, edges it was widely used by the social democratic organizations in propaganda and propaganda activities; in it E. M. Dementiev on the basis of statistical data disproved the statement of populists about lack in Russia of a class of factory workers and proved that the working class in the country was created and contains already the third generation. V. I. Lenin used this book in works «That it „friends of the people" and how they are at war against social democrats?» and «Development of capitalism in Russia».

Specifying that in Russia the large-scale machine industry which is inevitably tearing off the worker from the earth develops, V. I. Lenin wrote: «This fact was proved, by the way, by Dementiev exact statistical data from which he (it is perfect irrespective of Marx) drew that conclusion that mechanical production is inseparably linked with a full excommunication of the worker from the earth. The research it once again proved that Russia — the country capitalist...» (Half-N of SOBR. soch., prod. 5, t. 1, p. 214).

Works: Sanitary research of factory institutions of the Podolsk County, Saturday. to become. data on Moscow lips., otd. dignity. statistics, t. 3, century 8, M., 1883; Sanitary research of factories and plants of the Kolomna County, in the same place, century 13, M., 1885; Sanitary research of factories and plants of the Serpukhov County, in the same place, century 15, M., 1888; Development of an animal force of the person in connection with his general physical development, a yew., M., 1889; Factory that it gives to the population and that it at it a beret, M., 1893; Medical assistance by the factory worker, SPb., 1899.

Bibliography: Stankova M. E. Social and hygienic value of the book E. M. Dementieva «Factory that it gives to the population and that it at it a beret», Owls. zdravookhr., N ° 4, page 82, 1975.

E. I. Lotova.