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DELGADO José (Delgado Jose Manuel Rodriguez sort. in 1915 in Spain) — the American neurophysiologist, the member of the New York academy of Sciences. Upon termination of in 1940. Madrid un-that taught physiology at medical school. In 1942 — 1946 the associate professor Madrid un-that. In 1950 — 1969 un-that (USA), since 1970 professor of department of physiology of the National center of Ramone-and-Kakhalya in Madrid worked in Yale.

X. Delgado improved a method of a research of subcrustal structures of a brain by means of implanted electrodes, for the first time applied in an experiment and clinic the stimulators managed on radio to irritation of a brain of animal and sick people. Using these methods, it showed that electric irritations of a brain cause difficult, very close to natural forms of behavior of animals, and also a number of the structures of a brain which are directly connected with positive and negative emotions and different feelings revealed. Methods of electro-and radio stimulation are used by X. Delgado for treatment of some psikhonevrol, diseases. X. Delgado is engaged in studying of behavior of the highest animals, questions of an origin of consciousness, its development in children, determinancies of the mental phenomena, their dependences on factors internal and the environment. His book «Physical control of the mind» («A brain and consciousness») is translated in 1971 into Russian.

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S. A. Osipovsky.