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DELBRYUK Max (Delbruck Move, sort. in 1906 in Berlin) — the American physicist, the geneticist and the virologist, the doctor of philosophy (1930), the member of National Academy of Sciences of the USA (1949) and a number of foreign academies.


In 1924 — 1930 studied in in-ta of Tuebingen, Berlin, Bonn and Goettingen; worked in Ying-those theoretical physics in Copenhagen under the leadership of Bor (N. Bohr); in 1932 — 1937 — in Chemical in-those the Kaiser Wilhelm. In 1937 emigrated to the USA and till 1939 worked in Californian technological in-those (Pasadena), then in un-those Vanderbilt. Since 1947 professor of biology Californian technological in-that.

The main works in Germany were devoted to questions of nuclear physics, the quantum theory of chemical bonds. After moving to the USA studied bacteriophages and headed school of physicists — researchers of phages which had significant effect on development of molecular biology. It together with Ellis (E. Ellis) investigated a single cycle of reproduction of a phage (1939), offered a method of compound indicators (1945). These works laid the foundation for studying of genetics of phages, and its researches together with S. Luria — modern genetics of bacteria. M. Delbryuk at the same time and irrespective of A. Hersha published data on exchange of genetic material of bacteriophages, and in 1953 together with N. Visconti formulated the theory of genetic recombinations and explained frequency them at phages. For researches on genetics M. Delbryuk together with A. Hersha and S. S. Luria is conferred the Nobel Prize (1969). A number of researches of M. Delbryuk is devoted to genetic processes at drosophilas, sensory physiology, etc.

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Bibliography: Modern man of science, v. 1, p. 133, N. Y. a. o., 1966.

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