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DEKAMINUM (Decaminum; Dekadin, Dequadin, Dequalinii chloridum, Dequalinium chloride, Dequaspon; GFH, joint venture. B) — antifungal and antiseptic agent. 1,10-Dekametilen-bis-(4-aminoquinaldinium-chloride), C 30 H 40 Cl 2 N 4  ;

Powder, white with cream or yellow shade, slightly soluble in water and alcohol.

Has a wide antifungal and antimicrobic action spectrum. Growth of yeast-like and imperfect fungi in concentration of 2 — 4 mkg/ml detains. Fungicidal concentration of D. concerning Candida albicans makes 1000 mkg/ml on exposure 1 hour and 64 mkg/ml on exposure 3 hours; for a mikrosporon — 6,4 mkg/ml. Growth of golden staphylococcus is suppressed with D. in concentration of 2 mkg/ml, a hemolitic streptococcus and typroid stick — 4 mkg/ml. Some resistant to penicillin strains of microbes are sensitive to D.

Apply At fungus diseases of skin and mucous membranes. At inflammatory processes in an oral cavity and a throat (stomatitis, the milkwoman, aphthous ulcers, tonsillitis, quinsy, etc.) D. appoint in the form of the caramel containing 0,00015 g of drug. A single dose — 1 — 2 caramel in each 2 — 5 hours depending on weight of process. Caramel put for a cheek or under language and hold to a full rassasyvaniye, without making as far as possible deglutitory movements. At mycoses of skin and an epidermophitia, fungal infections of nails and nail rollers D. appoint outwardly in the form of ointment. Ointment is rubbed to the struck place of 1 — 2 time a day during 2 — 3 weeks. Processing of a nail bed by ointment is carried out after an onychectomy by means of keratolytic means.

At external use of D. it is necessary to consider that drug is inactivated by usual soaps. In therapeutic doses of D. does not cause irritation of skin and mucous membranes.

Contraindications to use of drug are not established.

Form of release: the caramel containing 0,00015 g of drug; 0,5% and 1% ointment in tubas or banks from dark glass, on 30 g. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Antifungal means .

N. A. Novitskaya.